Air Conditioning Installation, Service & Repairs

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Tackle Your Air Conditioning Servicing Needs with Lowe Air

Dealing with incompetent air conditioning professionals is a hassle, which is why Lowe Air takes customer service and satisfaction seriously.

Having AC units in homes or businesses is necessary, as they are the best way to control and regulate the internal temperature of any room. However, if they are not properly maintained, this can cause mechanical issues.

We Offer Quality Air Conditioning Servicing

With the wrong AC professional, fixing AC units can be tedious and expensive. We believe in providing quality air conditioning installation, servicing, and repairs.

Lowe Air will not only offer air conditioning installation but will service and repair the units as well. In doing so, we save you money in the long run. In addition, you do not have to worry about calling in a technician for untimely air conditioning repairs. It is vital to have air conditioners working during extreme weather. You would not want to be left with a non-functional unit during the summer months, and Lowe Air won’t let that happen.

Units that are regularly serviced are more energy efficient. A Lowe Air technician will ensure that condenser coils and air filters are cleaned. When they expire, new ones will be installed. Doing this helps the entire unit to serve longer – fewer malfunctions equals longer operational time.

Air Conditioning Service Items

Lowe Air believes in always using industry-leading practices. Plus, our customers are our number one priority. There are a number of benefits to experience once you sign a service agreement with Lowe Air.

Our technicians are highly certified and they follow only the best industry standards. They are continually recommended for their excellent expertise, superior customer service and unwavering commitment to our clients.

Typically, once on a service call, there are a number of items on our technician’s checklist. Some of which include:

  • Providing comprehensive reporting
  • Conducting thorough performance checks
  • Completing electrical and duct inspections
  • Cleaning filters and coils
  • Performing fans and amps inspection
  • Examining the voltage supply, refrigerant charge, and operating pressure

Contact Lowe Air for All Your Air Conditioning Needs

No matter the age, state or requirement or your units, Lowe Air has a plan for you. We offer customized service agreements and we can visit as little or frequent, as the system requires.

Excellence is our aim. Contact us or visit our website today. We are based in Wandin North, and service all the Outer Easter suburbs of Melbourne. We will be happy to offer air conditioning installation, servicing or repairs.

Air Conditioner Installation

  • Installation and supply of split system air conditioners
  • Installation and supply of ducted cycle systems
  • We have undertaken all kinds of big and small commercial and residential projects, covering offices, shops, and homes.

Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Our goal is to offer the most efficient solution by providing a detailed diagnosis and are always upfront to help our customers minimise costs.
  • If a part or the whole system needs to be replaced, we can offer quotes on the spot.

Servicing & Maintenance

  • Servicing is an important part of preventing long-term issues with your air conditioner
  • A regular service ensures the unit is in proper running condition, helping you avoid costly and unscheduled repairs.